I fooled myself into thinking

That I could navigate your dark waters

And sail winningly into

The harbour of your heart.

But the ruthless winds buffeted

My craft until the mast broke

Leaving me adrift

And the sharp threatening rocks below

Tore at the belly of my boat

Until water stormed in and I sank

Into the cold sea of despair.

I never found my way to the harbour

That I sought so feverishly.

I never knew that it was just a chimera,

A mirage, an epic phantasmagoria.

For craggy cliffs and jagged scapes

Were all that littered your core.


Futile Farmer

I tucked seeds away in the corners

Of your mouth and prayed furtively

Each night…. Hoping that sweet nothings

Would pour forth at the break of dawn,

Into my eager ear. Yet every morning

You woke unchanged and quizzical,

Spitting the promise of endearments

From between your teeth as you rose



You were skilled at diminishing me… At first the pieces you excised were small and near insignificant so that I barely missed the parts of myself as they disappeared. But as time went by you grew more forward and greedier, cutting… slicing… carving… until I became limbless. My body disposed of, you held my head eye level with yours and gave me a final kiss and stole my tongue… ripping it from my mouth, leaving me mute. All that remained were my eyes to see you walk away and fragments of my mind to know that you were never coming back.