Addict chronicles cont’d

Whenever an addict is going through one of their episodes it affects everyone especially if you live with the addict. The addict has been drinking all day today, managed to bounce his van reversing out of our own yard as he hit the front gate and now the gate isn’t closing properly.

So in our already crime ridden country with robbery and murder everywhere (we already have 50 murders for the month of January already and it’s only now the 24th in an island of only just 1.3 million people), we now have a gate TO our house not closing properly. Obviously it needs to fix and obviously he has no money. So it will resort in us having to pay to fix it just to ensure security.

Is SO long – years ago- I tell my mother get rid of him and she didn’t listen and now clearly we can’t get rid of him. What ever happened to things like karma ? How is it possible you get to disrupt everyone’s life, drive around drunk, do cocaine and owe ppl thousands of dollars and yet still – nothing happens – you just come home, eat and go to bed. No police on the road stop you? Nobody try to rob you yet in THIS crime ridden country? It’s unfathomable.

I would still love to know what I did in a past life to end up being stuck with him.


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