I dreamt of a timeless hero fearless enough

To brave my brain’s maelstrom in a raft

I imagined an adventurous soul willing to

Traverse the daunting landscape of my limbs

I waited for this hardy warrior to challenge

The unpredictable terrain of my tongue

I wanted someone who would inundate

My body


Hardening to grey unfeeling stone

Crumbling in waves of fear

Turning to meaningless pools of ash

I waited for an equal who has never been born.



One day I will fade

To mere dust blown away by

The cool evening breeze…

Tea for One Forever

I poured myself into you using a strainer…

To avoid giving you the true intensity

Of who I was… hoping that with some

Elimination of the essence of my being,

I would appease your taste.

But just one drop of me was too much…

Like all the others you were overwhelmed

And departed to taste of more tepid waters.