Visual Journal

I like to follow YouTube bloggers… specifically makeup and clothing… not because I’m necessarily going to but the products that they use… but moreso because I think of that as time to just not have to think about serious things that go on everyday and immerse myself in a different world. 

I discovered a blogger today and initially it was because of her clothing ideas but then I saw that she also did journaling. But this was a creative/ artistic type journaling or bullet journals. I’d never heard of it before or really seen it done so I became intrigued and watched a couple of her videos.

Obviously she was very artistic so her “doodling” looked like mini masterpieces but I actually became inspired… and hardly anything ever inspires me as you know if you follow my blog. 

So I desired to try making one of my own and see how it comes out. I like the visual aspect of it as well as I think I need to try to track some of my habits as well… for example – do I exercise enough or blog or read or whatever it is I decided to put down… since I’m on vacation it’s also a lot easier to just do nothin and fall out of a routine and then it’s very hard to get back into it.

So I’ve started it and will see if I can keep it up for a little while.


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