Strange (but cute) experience 

I hadn’t gone for my usual walk/ jog in the gardens for almost a month now. I went today for the first time since we finally stopped having rain every evening. 

Everyone who goes to the gardens as we call it,  are all people (and pets) who live in the area so we all smile or wave at each other. There is one guy I always see from afar with his two golden retrievers but I’ve never met him or seen them up close.

Today he happened to be sitting along the running path with them while my mom and I were walking toward them. From a long way off one of his dogs perked up and started wagging its tail then she stood up and got more excited. So I looked behind me thinking is she seeing a squirrel? Or another dog? Or someone she knows? 

My mom says at the same time … uhmmm I think she thinks she knows you… so I went up to the dog and she was all over me. That was the happiest greeting I’ve gotten from any animal in years (my dogs lazy they lie down and barely raise a head when you come or go unless they going to be fed). 

I believe animals have some intuition / vibe about people and they know when a person likes animals, but this was such a weird occurrence. Her owner was quite dumbfounded and was trying to pull her back and apologizing because she was so excited. But I figured who knows? Maybe i belonged to her in a past life? (because who are we fooling ? Our pets really own us and not the other way around!) 

I want to look out for them again another day and see if she has the same response… I love animals so the experience was definitely what will be the high point of my week! 


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