Learning about the chakras and crystals 

Today I took a detour due to traffic and ended up near to a store I had always said I would visit, but never actually got to. It’s a type of wellness store… it sells oils and incense and crystals. I’ve never bought crystals before but I’d always heard of people having them. 

I went in and got some lavender oil and some green tea incense, as well as an anti- stress incense. I asked about the crystals and the owner gave me a general explanation and told me if I liked, to go to each one and let them speak to me – without looking at the cards to see what each of them were. 

I ended up choosing eleven of them out of the 70 or so types that were there. She then went through each of them with me explaining the ones I chose. 

I didn’t choose anything pertaining to needing confidence or centering of femininity / solar plexus type stones. I chose stones more related to needing help with communication and having a hurt heart from the crown, third eye and throat. When she went through them all I was surprised at how much the crystals I chose really seemed to reflect me at the moment.

I am obviously frustrated with work as usual and having to work in a department which does not function as a group. I know I have many doubts about having chosen to go back in a relationship after so many years, and then have it end the way it did and me feeling as if maybe I didn’t know the person very well at all though I liked him. I am trying hard to find some sort of grounding so that even if I am not necessarily ever happy or at peace I have a semblance of it… 

I liked the store and I am sure I will go back at some point again soon to see what else I may come across there that might “speak” to me… 

These are the crystals I chose today 


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