A quick visit 

My boyfriend visited after four months. The long distance really was getting a bit hard in the last month, moreso for me than for him, but his visit came at the right time. 

Although he was only here for a week we had a lot of fun and I realize just how much I really missed having him here. I took him to a couple different places on the island like a nature/ conservation bird watching site which he really enjoyed. 

He met one or two other family members as well, including my addict- which was not planned on my part it just happened because we all ended up in the same place at the same time. 

I suppose I don’t really feel the need to “introduce him” to the “clan” because … they don’t matter to me and their opinion doesn’t matter to me. My mom’s opinion is the only one that probably matters and she thinks he’s great. I did wonder though if he thought I was “hiding” him but really it’s just…. I’m happy… and the time is so limited with him I don’t want to waste it spending time with people who just want to be up in my business and not really interested in who he is. 

I’ve also not wanted him to have interaction with or really be known to the addict because I know the addict too well and don’t trust that he won’t have something to say about the relationship  at some later date that will get me damn vex. So to me the less he knows the better. 

My boyfriend is not really a social media person either. At this stage I don’t feel the need to put our relationship out there in that realm I like it just how it is. I know that’s strange to a lot of people and they keep questioning me because I suppose to them it’s not “real” because it’s not all over the Internet as “proof”. But I just don’t feel the need for people to give an opinion on “us”… long distance is hard enough already without people wanting to tell you HOW you should go about it. 

People seem to think that because it’s long distance you Skype sex and that’s it. We don’t not because there’s anything wrong with that but… we are generally just happy messaging and maybe throwing in a face time here and there. Everyone seems to “know” what works for a long distance relationship but I think it’s like any relationship – you know what works for you… and so far we have been working fine without any help from others ! 

The goodbye this time was extremely hard… even I don’t think I had been prepared for just how sad I was going to feel. The first goodbye last year was sad yes but manageable but this one… this was really rough. I am hoping that we don’t have to do too many of those before deciding what we want to do in the long term because I know it will only get harder as time goes by and I don’t know how many of those I can take. I hope that I can go visit him in the summer and spend some time seeing what it’s like where he lives…

Meanwhile here are some pics from the nature reserve –


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