Post procedure recovery 

While there has been no infection so far thankfully since my cervical LEEP procedure. The back pain has been insane. I’m not someone who feels pain easily but THIS is really next level pain. 

I had my show to do last weekend and by day two I was just praying to make it to the end even if it meant I would have to crawl off stage after – I kept saying just let me get to the end. 

This week fared better but by this weekend yet again I’m practically bedridden because the back pain started up again. 

I bought a heating pad and I have been using a muscle rub and taking a mild painkiller prescribed by doctor (don’t want anything to increase bleeding). But so far once the pain starts there is no relief. I also try doing some light stretches in the morning and the evening to hopefully help the muscles but it’s still very rough. 

It’s close to the two week mark since the procedure so I am hoping that in a week or so it will improve. I have a show to do next week (a different one that is not as intensive thankfully) so I’m hoping I make it through! 



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