Biopsy results and procedure… 

My biopsy results came back in a record two day time period. Results were not good I was already in high grade / fairly bad range of dysplasia. My doctor wanted an immediate appointment to remove the abnormal cervical tissue. So that was done today.

The procedure went pretty well, they think they were successful in excising the “bad” tissue but there will be a retest just to be sure. They use a local anesthetic and and do an electro surgical excision of the cervical tissue. Some people get dizzy/ faint or feel pain but I was fine. The only thing you’re not prepared for is the smell of your flesh burning – that was a bit strange. I felt fine after though and I’m home now … so far no complaints / anything out of the ordinary. 

Everything happened so fast that I guess I didn’t really get time to think about everything. They had originally said the biopsy would be back in maybe two weeks so to get it back in a matter of days was shocking and then to get a near immediate appointment was also surprising. So I didn’t really get time to really consider the results or the consequences of things. 

I just knew I wanted it all out. I felt like a part of my was rotting and I just didn’t even care about outcome really once I knew it was out. I know that doing this procedure means that there’s an increased chance of infertility or at least premature birth if you ever get pregnant but I’m trying to not even really focus on that. 

The tissue is out and they caught it before it became cancerous and hopefully things will progress healthily from now… only time will tell …


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