Final Blog of 2016

Although I blogged much less this year than last year, I feel like posts this year marked more of a turning point in a number of area in my life.

Blogging has been… therapeutic as well as creative for me. While most of the posts have been for want of a better word “dark”, I feel like I have still become a lot more positive as time has gone by. 

While I believe 2017 will be a very tough year economically and politically world wide, my aim is to try to be positive. I want to focus only on positive thoughts, mantras and efforts. This is not to say that I don’t believe there will be a lot of negatives or bad experiences but I know much of that can appear to be heightened due to attitude. 

People with my type of personality combined with life experiences can tend to magnify the bad and focus on it, even if that is not the intent. I think the fact that my new … boyfriend still seems like not exactly the right word to use … while partner sounds so clinical…but you know who I mean.. is always able to look at the positive, is a testament to the difference in our personalities and why he seems to complement me. 

I know I still have to learn to apply the phrases/ slogans that I know so well – one day at a time, let go and let God, keep it simple and easy does it – are some of the hardest ones I’ve had to try to remember to apply on a daily basis. 

I hope for the sake of the world though that there can be Peace. That above all is my wish for 2017 and for the years beyond… that somehow we can all manage to Live and Let Live. 

To those of you who read my posts, have a Happy New Year full of light and love. May it allow for new beginnings as well as continued successes. Let it be a year of renewal, hope and most importantly peace in every aspect of your lives.

Much Love…


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