Next year… 

It feels like there was so much bad news this year… I tend to follow news agencies on twitter and retweet anything I find breaking/ interesting etc… but I am sure that 90% of it was bad news. 

Next year will be challenging because I will be overwhelmed with work as usual but now also trying to balance this new long distance relationship. I want to focus more on good things to see if that will make everyday not seem so burdensome/ heavy. 

I want to return to the yearly challenges I used to do like writing one good thing that happened everyday for the year, taking one picture a day for the year, and challenge myself to repost only good news (which I feel will be a tough one). I’m also interested in seeing if that will severely limit my posting or make me have to look harder for “good” news since the bad news is what seems to flood feeds generally… 

I am hoping that 2017 will be a better, happier, more peaceful year for everyone. 


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