Xmas decor ๐ŸŽ„

I decided to stay home yesterday. It was the first day I took off since the term started … just wasn’t in the mood for the usual shit in work. Also I had to go to a funeral. Now I’ve sworn off funerals I’m just fed up of going to funerals for all these people in my life – young people. And yet again… someone my age died. And this funeral I knew I HAD to go to. So this week was …. not the best.
So as I was home, I watched you tube bloggers and then somehow I started looking at Xmas decoration-making on Pinterest.. somewhere along the way I got… inspired? (Obsessed).

Now I don’t even own a glue gun and I have never been an actively crafty person on any way… but I just felt like I wanted to try some of the simple ideas I saw. 

Since my boyfriend died six years ago we never decorate a proper Xmas tree. I just can’t/  won’t. We string lights on trees outside in the yard and that’s about it. I have a ficcus tree that I “sort of” light and put some decorations on in honor of him because he used to decorate a ficcus as his Xmas tree. Aside from that we just never were the kind of household to buy ornaments every year / change Xmas themes or anything like that I can legitimately say there are ornaments there from when I was born 33 years ago. 

But somehow I decided that I wanted to “make” some decoration ideas happen. I ended up doing quite a bit… in surprised at myself and don’t think they look to bad for being an amateur. 

I did a centerpiece in a vase for the usual dinner table. I used a punch bowl mom never used to put ornaments in to make a big centerpiece for another table we have. I got some candle jars that look like mason jars and put those at the base of the ficcus tree with lights. I did a Basket for chocolate (I might add a bow) and I redid a wreath for my mom.

My grandfather (moms dad) originally made that wreath prob a decade ago maybe even two decades ago actually so needless to say the ornaments etc on it were really beyond their last days. So I got rid of the old ornaments and used the base of the wreath itself and redid it. I like that I was able to kind of keep the sentimental tie of having it originally be my grandfather who made it and I just kind of added to it so much later on. 

I enjoyed today. I had a good day. Here is some of what I did today… 


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