Now that I’ve tried to pay more attention to what I’ve been eating … I have found more a zeal to cook. I love cooking shows though I don’t usually cook very often. While I don’t make elaborate dishes I know I won’t starve! 

I tried making tuna casserole today… I had been feeling to make it a while now which is odd since I’m not even really a tuna person. But it came out pretty decently, I didn’t do badly for a first timer at all! 

Lately I’ve been in a cooking phase… I always get into phases and do something almost obsessively and then I stop just as abruptly as I started. I could never really settle and find something that I genuinely like to do and stick with it. But so far cooking has been an on and off love. A sporadic love affair but more on than off lately. 

When I think of traveling to places I think of places I can see nature and eat good food… I would like to go to Italy someday just to eat true Italian cuisine. (Ok ok and to look at the men as well lol) But mainly it’s for the food! 

I’m hoping that I keep wanting to experiment more and try new things to cook. I know that it’s important for me to find SOMETHING that interests me and lately nothing has been doing that. 

I think to some extent I find a certain peace with cooking… you are busy concentrating on the process and what you’re doing and what tastes you want to create… my regular everyday anxieties tend to not be at the forefront of my mind when I’m in the kitchen. I also think cooking is one of my more unexplored / hidden talents that I really haven’t done much to foster. As I’ve gotten older though and more reclusive … it’s one of the few things I seem to like doing with my time…

Ps. This is a sweet pepper from my garden they are coming along pretty well 


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