Post- op update 

So today approximately six months after my surgery I went back to the nasal doctor since I wanted to find out why on the inside of my right nostril it was swelling still periodically daily… I was worried about if it is that it didn’t heal as yet or what … 
He said the turbinates as they call it on the inside of the nose are still swelling more than usual… He said he could trim them which would mean going BACK INTO Surgery ( but trimming was something he was supposed to do in my surgery anyway) …. or I just use a nasal steroid ( which I was doing before surgery and I’m back to doing now anyway) for good.

I’m not doing surgery again for that in a hurry… it’s surgery literally on your face  and whatever they did the first time caused me to have no feeling on the roof of my mouth for three months as well…. plus I just don’t have the time to be “away” from work and my life in general.  

So I am kind of back to where I was before because if he DID trim them the first time it wasn’t enough I suppose … which is REALLY annoying when I paid so much for that surgery in the first place because it was over 20 grand in all. (And yes I had to pay for the five minute appointment today to hear that the surgery didn’t work).

And I already most likely have the cervical procedure to do early next year which is ALSO the second time I have to do that. (I don’t even want to know that bill…) .

This is why I just don’t feel like I even want to bother with doing all of this.. for what? Half the time the surgeries don’t work like they are supposed to and you have to spend more money again. I am so fed up of it. When I die my mother is getting all my money and the local animal shelter. That way I know my money is actually going towards something worthwhile! 


9 thoughts on “Post- op update 

      1. Before surgery even if i travel to miami whose temp is not “ridic” low I would get facial swelling and bleeding after two days there so I had hoped the surgery would have fixed that problem but if it’s happening even more now and it’s 36 degrees here where I am I’m worried about traveling anywhere again right now sigh

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      2. Called an uncle who is a doctor and he told me some stuff to try but he said surgery again prob won’t make much sense, so will see… I been looking up alternative stuff online 🤔

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