Being healthy is not always that easy…

Since I started back work and I’m no longer on vacation… It is a lot harder to be as healthy as I was when I was just home. 

This is probably the most trying year I’ve had going back out to work and when I get home I am so tired I just lie down in bed and I don’t move again till the next day. I just feel too tired to do anything and exercise definitely has not been happening.

I try to do the infused water on the night before so that I can have it for the next day but I definitely haven’t been doing it daily. Today was the first day since sometime last week as well since I did my fruit salad, which I was happily doing everyday over the vacation. 

I’m so swamped with work as well I haven’t really even thought about January and doing the retest and what that would mean if things have NOT changed. Today was the first time the topic came up at all in a long time and I realized that I’ve just been too busy to really focus on being healthy as I was before. 

I think people find it easy to have balance but I have never been someone that has been able to “find” balance in life… In any aspect of life for that matter. I would fall into a routine for a while then fall out of it just as fast. Right now my routine is straight home after work, bathe – I may eat if I’m dying but if not then I don’t bother- , bed (with tea) till next day. 

I always go to work early so by 6:30 am I’m there until 2:30 pm and I don’t really stop at all throughout the day once in there I’m always doing something. But it’s also been insanely hot at 34/35 degree dates lately and that can also be what is draining me since I don’t work in air conditioning (and I have to talk whole day and the room is filled with 30-40 other bodies). 

I was also asked to do another show in a very short space of time and I was actually glad when the producers changed their mind because I really was not sure if I would have found the energy to do it. So I am glad for the break from performing for a few weeks and trying to just focus on regular work and getting as much as I can done but it really has been hard. 

Today I was able to do some infused water with kiwi and strawberry for tomorrow and I made a pretty decent fruit salad… Kiwi watermelon pineapple blue berries strawberries … 


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