Vacay cont’d… 

From my villa I can hear the ocean. I know I’ve spoken before of how the sound of the ocean is one of the most (if not the most) calming sounds you can hear. 

An old friend passed by yesterday and brought his wife for us to meet. She was raised on a continent so when she came to live here when they were married it was her first sight of the ocean … I couldn’t fathom it – not knowing what the ocean looks like.

Life on an island means as you are born somebody is going to dip you in the sea. Salt water good / can cure for just about anything as far as islanders are concerned… The flu, painful joints… probably even heart break I’m sure you might hear.

The resounding roar and crash of the waves against the rocks and the shore… The vastness of the ocean and the mystery of what lies beneath. It is a whole other world we have yet to truly explore below the depths of the water. 

If ever you feel anxious or angry or upset… Go to the ocean if you can and sit and just listen. The rhythm of even your breath changes and you are bound to feel calmer… try it sometime.

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