Vacation getaway…

My mom decided that I am working too much. I’m supposed to be on summer vacation but I’m really booked for performances every weekend till work starts back. So she decided we would take a four days and get away to our sister island. 

Our sister island is vastly different to our island – it’s much smaller, a lot less fast paced, encourages feelings of relaxation immediately!. As I get on the plane to come over I already feel different … The vibe is just totally opposite to when I’m home. 

She rented a villa that we stayed in previously and I’ve just been trying to relax (trying being the operative word but you know how I am …). I was hoping to get some creative vibes while here but the time is going so fast it seems as if we just got here and Friday will come soon enough and we will be gone! 

The weather is great however and I’m getting lots of fantastic pics. I feel like I’m always more aware of nature and its beauty when I am over here… The ocean, the sunsets… Even the plants seem more alive! It’s been a good few days… 


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