Abnormal Test Results Update… 

I went ahead and did some other testing instead of waiting the six months. I suppose I just didn’t want the added stress of just waiting to find out bad news… Aside from which, my medical history up until this point and being over 30 didn’t give me any positive reinforcement. 

The good news is I don’t have cancer and the abnormal cell growth is not caused by anything such as an std. So that narrows down the possibilities of what is causing it though it does not negate the need for another cryosurgery in six months time. I did a cryo years ago hoping that would rectify the issues but clearly they only abated them for a while.  

My assumption right now based on elimination is a hormonal imbalance as the cause primarily because of the polycystic ovaries as the likely menace. However there is no real “cure” … I can try to eat more anti-inflammatory foods and cut down even more on sugar then I have but that’s about all. I’m drinking a small dose of apple cider vinegar everyday still for good measure. 

So I will wait for six months and do a follow up test and if all remains the same then I will do the cryosurgery and see if that serves to improve the situation for a while. But at least it isn’t cancer!. 


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