Travel Log

My trip has been amazing. I feel as if I have been here for a week and not just barely three days. This experience was so vastly different from my first horrendous travel experience visiting someone at their own place. 

My friend was open, inviting and wanted to take me more places than even I wanted to go! We ate a range of food (always a great thing) and did all the “tourist things” like eat local cuisine and visit tourist spots though I am SURE she has done this so many times with visitors before. Never once did she seem fed up or uninterested. She encouraged me to be out all day (quite a feat) and we even went out “late” a night! ( till 12 in a bar). 

I had had a lot of qualms about the visit initially given past bad experiences with others and just worry in general. We have a saying here “come see me and come live with me is two different things”… Meaning people SAY to come visit but when you really do they are not usually pleased about it. 

I didn’t want to seem as if I wanted to go too many places or need anything because of course I don’t want her going out of her way, she’s already hosting me for four days! But honestly I could not have asked for a better host. 

The weekend was packed with interesting sights and restaurants (and wine…. A lot of wine…). It was interesting to see how an island so close to where I’m from could be so different as well in topography, dialect, cuisine as well as so rich with culture on the whole. I do not regret my visit at all and would gladly visit again.

Even something as small as when I first arrived at her home she showed me to my room with its own bathroom… And there was my own toothpaste, disposable razor, face wash… Just the little things you might have forgotten to pack or might not have been able to. Somehow just the thought she put in to having me as a guest, as small as it might seem, made me feel welcome. I will always be thankful. 

It has been a fantastic trip and definitely brightened the otherwise dreary mood that I have been in. I will always hold this as one of my favorite travel experiences.


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