Visiting the sister isle 

This weekend I went over to our sister isle to take part in a 5K. The whole day was full of triathlon events for both adults and kids and then the 5k took place at the end. 

Prior to my event there was a mini triathlon for kids aged 5-7 years old. Swim ride run. The tiniest was a little girl who was so small she didn’t even have a cyclists type bike so she brought her pink me white Barbie bike to ride. Everyone cheered for her and she finished third in the girls division. 

I don’t know who watching her was the more overwhelming experience I had for the day, moreso than my own attempt at the 5K.

She was so small and would not give up and the crowd was so supportive of her. Aside from which she and all of the others in the race had parents there supporting them, parents not much older than myself. 

Though I’m still not into the idea of marriage and children I think if you’re going to do it don’t half ass it. You should give it your all. I felt like those parents were really doing whatever it took to get their kids not only to be great athletes when they get older but showing them support and love. 

No one was angry or crying if they didn’t win or only cheering for “your” person in question. It was a “team” effort even if the person wasn’t even on your team. I felt like if I had a family this is what I would want it to be … Kids going sporting events and just doing things together.

My 5K on a side note wasn’t too bad… It was humid as hell and there were hills (no one said anything about hills) but even with some breathing issues still post op, I made it in 44 mins. Not bad since I wasn’t training or anything. 

The weekend itself had really good weather and I got great pics while there… I will probably go back and do the 5K again next year. 


5 thoughts on “Visiting the sister isle 

  1. Seems like your trip to the sister isle reminded you about some of life’s simple pleasures and challenges… family, sweat, nature,inspiration, accomplishment, relaxation… all things that you got a lil extra dose of in Tobago and I couldn’t be more pleased. xox

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