One year blogging anniversary 

Today is one year since I started blogging. When I began I didn’t think I would have made it to this point. 

At the beginning I blogged a number of posts everyday. I suppose it was not only cathartic but also just because I had so many thoughts that had not been loosed. 

After the first six months I fell into a rhythm of maybe one or two posts a week instead of eh daily onslaught. 

But it is still hard to believe that a whole year has passed and that I still write that often. As I’m busy with two jobs and just random things in life on the whole, finding time is not always easy or sometimes I’m just too tired. Yet when something pivotal happens I find I am still driven to write.

This blog is probably the only place I’ve ever been so truthful about myself and who “I” am. It has accompanied me along this past year and allowed me to have an outlet.

Though I was skeptical at first I do not regret my journey here. So here is to the first year and who knows… Maybe one or two more… 



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