Weekend getaway to sister isle 

I’m on a random family weekend getaway on our sister isle. I say random because I don’t ever go on vacation type things with my parents. They go and I stay home (happily) alone with the dogs. I used to come over here at least twice a year with my boyfriend but after he died I stopped coming and was only here once after which was four years ago. 

It has been relaxing, more than I thought it would be. Of course I can’t help but think about when I used to come before especially when I drive past villas we stayed at or beaches we would go to with all of his friends. It reminds me of just how much time has passed and how much my life has changed. Once I’m not working I’m really just in bed but never really going anywhere for this type of “vacation”. 

The island was just as beautiful as I remembered I took tonnes of pictures of beaches and places because it all looks so scenic. Unlike the island I’m from it still has the slow, relaxed more laid back feel that comes to mind when you think of a Caribbean island. 

The visit really reignited my love of photography moreso than just of flowers but nature on the whole. 

Here are just a handful of shots I took-:


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