Isn’t it strange that we live on a huge planet but most of us will never travel even 1% of it probably in our life time? Whether it is that you can’t afford to, aren’t allowed to or just don’t have the time … There is a whole world out there that we will never see in “real”.

While technology and social media allows us to “see” these places with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, snap chat, YouTube and whatever else… It’s like seeing it but never breaking the fourth wall. It’s all an image from a screen that’s projected but never really experienced.

There are places I would like to go even though I’m not a fan of travelling. By travelling I mean the actual to and from… But Italy, Rome, Greece, Bali.. Have been places I’ve wished to go and lately I’ve had interest in seeing Prague. Even if I never get to any of those places though, the thought of the sheer vastness of the world can be overwhelming.

Why then isn’t there enough space for everyone to live in peace? Religions, races, ideologies … All shrink the world into this tiny space that can only “belong” to one or an other. Will we never really get back to a place of balance unless there is some drastic change? 

And by change what does that mean? Some environmental disaster that brings an apocalyptic cleanse? The rise of technology and AI brings to control the remainder of mankind? Plague and disease to wipe out those who cannot afford a cure? Everything seems so… Final. And not necessarily redemptive. 

Given current world events… Recession, terrorism, prejudice… It’s unlikely I will even travel to any of the places I listed above. I will have to live behind the Fourth wall until I journey to some other world in some other time and place where maybe I am lucky to arrive where there is peace and good will. Maybe then I will feel free to wander without fear in any land I choose to call my own. 


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