Weekend off

I actually have a weekend off and I ACTUALLY have family events that I’m going to. I spent the day yesterday with my father’s side of the family “Down D Islands”, while today I have a luncheon with my mom’s side of the family. Both events are Birthday Celebrations for family members. 

Yesterday had the best weather ever and everyone had a great time just relaxing on the jetty or in the water.I hadn’t planned on going but in the end I was glad I did … 

It was still sad in some ways. Everyone still asks why I don’t have a boyfriend why don’t I get married don’t I want children. My cousin who is the closest person I had to a sister was there with her husband and two kids. We had always wanted to have kids the same time so they could grow up together like we did. It didn’t happen but those plans rarely ever do I suppose. 

I had to go alone because my addict would not be able to be at a family event like that and want to be sober since everyone else would not be sober. So my parents weren’t invited to go even though it was his sister’s birthday (my aunt), only me. It’s too bad because my mom would have enjoyed the day and he would’ve too, but we can’t take any unnecessary chances… 

Going there also reminds me of my boyfriend and how much he loved going there with friends and how much time we spent there when he was alive. Living on an islands, beach/ocean life IS life and he loved it. 

But aside from that, the day was enjoyable… A rare occasion … Here are some of the pics I took… 



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