Mini Get Away

We had a long weekend here for our national carnival celebration so I took the opportunity to travel. 

I am not a fan of traveling mind you. The long lines, the wait, the security checks which always find some reason to prolong the situation of getting from place A to place B… I could never understand how people travel often/ regularly. But despite all the harrowing travel experiences I’ve had, I went. 

It is always strange to leave your country and go elsewhere even if it’s just a few hours flight. Coming from a usual 32-33 degree Celsius Caribbean weather needless to say I was not impressed this time by the 12 degree weather I met when I landed abroad.

But, coldness aside, the trip was good. It was a change of scenery, definitely a change in people and an all around difference just knowing that I was not home. 

I think the thing that always strikes me is customer service. Something that is really non existent here at home, yet when you travel to certain places you realize it is such a top priority. Return items? Meet helpful assistants? GET assistance? I always feel like I’m in some alternate universe.

Whenever I travel I always wonder if I could ever see myself living in another country. But being somewhere for five days is definitely a far cry from living there. Unfortunately I don’t think I can shed my anxiety, depression or lethargy with life that easily. 

I will try to travel maybe once a year or at least every two years… Even if it’s just to get a break from the norm. But I know I have to work on trying to be happy with what my everyday life really is, as opposed to running from it. 

P.s.: I had problems on my attempt to RETURN home with the airline insisting that on their system I was supposed to be traveling with a baby (I have NO baby) which took ages to clear up – seamless traveling thwarted yet again! 



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