No expectation no disappointment? 

Is it possible to truly have NO expectations when it comes to others? 

With out expectation there can be no disappointment. But can people really exist without somehow having expectations from family, friends or lovers at times? 

People continually disappoint us. You expect loyalty from certain people when things go awry their behaviour surprises/upsets you and you wonder did I ever really know this person or even how dos I let this person get so close to me that I could feel this hurt?

However if there is no expectation this would not happen. Anyone who is in a naranon family program would also know that this is a common saying in reference to how to approach a relationship of any kind with an addict. But is this what it comes down to in all relationships? 

I realize I often have expectations of others and that I should not. I know I am am rigid and uncompromising in most things and they includes how I regard others in my “close” circle, but really the end result is that people will do what they want to, whether it hurts you or not. 

Is it that in a way having no expectations means you no longer care? Or is it that it is caring because you put enough distance between yourself and the person so neither is pressured by expectation?  Or maybe that you choose to care more about yourself? 

It will be interesting to see if I can apply this concept of no expectations of others be it friends, colleagues at work or family, more so this year even though it is not something that comes easily. 


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