Same shit different year. 

I was clearly too over zealous in hoping this year would have been different. The addict has already left rehab (early) after only 7 weeks of what should have been a six month stay.

I am totally fed up with being fed up of this situation. I am fed up of his selfish arrogant narcissistic personality and fed up of the fact that she allows him to keep coming back and doing whatever he want.

The agreement was that if he did not finish the program he was not to come back to live here. Yet he is back. Watching tv, sleeping all day, eating whatever he wants as if nothing had been said previously, as if he still isn’t owing people thousands of dollars and as if he is even trying.

So yet again we are back to the initial position where he will just start back using, incur mounds of debt and we won’t be able to get him out. 2016 – same shit different fucking year.



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