Daily Challenge 2016

For the past two years I did a daily challenge. 2014 I did a picture a day as well as write one good thing that happened to me a day. 2015 I stuck to the writing one good thing a day. 

Now for 2016 I’m trying to decide what to do. I’m thinking of going back to a picture of a day but also doing a focus word where I pick one word a month and focus on it. 

My sponsor suggested putting a couple instructions in a bag maybe linked to the word and choosing them at random daily/ weekly (I’m not sure if I could keep up with all that though). But maybe if it’s small things I might be able to.

I chose the word “renewal” for this month. I’m deciding if to add instructions and if so which ones and how many… Like 1. Do a charitable thing today – or something along those lines. I give to charity monthly but small acts in between should be fine too I’m sure. 

I’m going back to the picture a day as well because I realize I’m more of a visual person. Even though I like to write I’m sure I took a picture a day in 2015 anyway even though I wasn’t following that challenge. 

I just wanted to find something positive when I first started doing the challenges and now it’s become something I look forward to. I still have a lot of trouble with positive thinking / thoughts and use these to help. 

I would to know about any other daily challenges people have tried and any positive impact they made. Happy New Years to everyone,  this was my pic today: 


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