Challenge Accepted 

She waited… Patiently… For the moment where she could feel safe… Safe enough unleash her secrets to him. Secrets that had grown slovenly… weighty… Reluctant… As they fed greedily on her insecurities while banished in that dark void within her for a time longer than she herself remembered.  She wanted to free herself of the roiling, gargantuan beast that stalked the corridors of her mind… Devouring every attempt she made at an intimate relationship with some one real – not just the stark, white pages of her journals. 

She wanted him to understand. To be willing. To be brave. He had not chosen an ordinary woman… Rather a cloaked, shadowy, elusive slip of a thing who – when loosed and unfettered – transformed at night into a fiery being whose breathy whispers ignited dead ashy embers within his heart, whose lithe touch  scorched trails along every sinew of his body, whose kiss stole his faded limpid soul from deep within his body and replaced it with a torrid passion hungry… Wanting… Alive. 

She needed to know that when she stood before him and chose to cast aside her skin he would be able to accept the raw, bloody, beating heart below that had suffered the cruelty and tortured pains of all the weak, indecisive, careless men that had come before…



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