Philosophical Feelings at Five A.M

I suppose at some point everyone wonders what is the purpose of life… And questions why are we even here… I dont know if we are ever truly satisfied with whatever answer we settle upon. 

Let’s assume it comes down to the most popular purpose – family. But what if you don’t have a family? Did you fail at some major evolutionary purpose for which you were placed on earth? Are you forever unfulfilled in some way even if you don’t even know it? Does it count if we accept the idea of those who are not genetic “family”? (Meaning friends / neighbours/ community) Or maybe the idea of “family” is still too myopic. 

What if our purpose is Love. Then does that mean that once you’ve loved… In any way… Then you’ve Lived? And in so doing fulfilled your purpose here? Did the meaning of our existence rest in that one minute, decade or lifetime that we felt Love for someone or something unselfishly? 

It is usually easy for us to come up with personal purpose… Success. While attributed generally to money, ambition and status… The age old question of Material Gain versus … Immaterial? Spiritual? Emotional? Gain comes into play. 

I wonder if when life comes to an end if we will ever gain true knowledge as to why we had to live and how well did we do in the grand scheme of things… 

Or maybe one day for whatever reason, I’ll just know right then and there… even if just for that instant – This is what I was made for. 



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