The males in my “life”…

I’ve probably read close to or just over a thousand books in my life so far. I could safely account for 5-700 so if I average those I can’t remember as well as what i studied over the years … I would say 1000 is a close enough bet. 

I’ve suffered from literary infatuation over the years where a certain character would stay with me FOR years. There’s some mystery or allure about them that just made them epic on my mind to the point where they became real in some way to me. 

Years later these are some fictional characters  that remain with me and still resonate today… 

  1. Jamie Fraser – the outlander 
  2. Marcus valerian – a voice in the wind 
  3. Dorian gray – Dorian gray 
  4. Jack sawyer – the talisman 
  5. Lestat – the interview with a vampire / lestat 

There are many others but somehow these 5 were favorites that I could never rid myself of years on end.

It is probably strange that fictional characters could seem as real if not more so than people themselves. But I’ve always loved living elsewhere in my mind and peopled it with fiction rather then reality. I suppose there was more hope in the  landscapes of my mind that I could somehow be saved. 



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