Theatre – A new piece to end the year 

Beginning the process for a new play is always interesting… You’re excited to learn your new character / see who she is and what she’s like and figure out how to dress her. If she happens to be similar to a previous character you try to determine how to make her seem different or have her own individuality.

I’m working on my eleventh theatrical performance therefore I’m going to be lady #11 in three weeks time. I’m deciding what quirk she might have … What her tone/ pitch will be… How she’s going to “feel”. 

Any performer knows you don’t have much of a life once you start a new production. It’s not my primary job so I’m looking at usual work day 7-3 then rehearsal 5-10 ish… Then Saturday’s from 2pm and Sunday’s from 10 am until we open. It’s a lot but when you get into it you get so immersed in the process that you don’t really have time to think about things you might be missing out on. 

Even with the frustration of having to learn lines or not always getting it the way the director wants you to… It’s still your character and you want to make her as believable as possible to the audience. And because… She’s yours… You can become very jealous and guarded about your character. 

Right now I’m really tired but it’s nice to have a new project to work on and see how audiences react to a new piece. We are giving them a new perspective/ view and helping them to escape their everyday life for a few hours and it’s our job to make sure they enjoy it… Theatre never stops! 

P.s: to any fellow thespians/ actors /actresses out there keep breaking those legs! 



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