Traveling abroad has always seemed enthralling and frightening all in one. As much as going away is so interesting and exciting just because it’s not the everyday “norm” that you are accustomed to, it also reminds you of just how small you are in the grand scheme of things. 

There are just so many people … Strange faces and different languages … It’s so overwhelming and so unlike the fish bowl atmosphere of my own island home. 

I think about traveling to far off lands but I know it’s only in theory. I know I would never be able to just pick up and go somewhere on my own and “get lost”. I’ve been rooted in one place and my own fears for too long. 

While I may think of strolling alone through the streets of Italy or swimming in the waters of Greece or meditating in Bali, I know it’s unlikely. The few times I’ve traveled someone has been with me and usually planned most of what takes place. 

I hope that one day the desire to see places will overcome the anxiety I have with traveling and the fear that I can’t do it on my own. So far I’ve only just planned travels in my mind but never carried one out by myself. 

One day, I want to live outside of my mind. 


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