Thoughts … 

When you someone you love dies you want the world to stop. When my boyfriend died I felt like I didn’t want anyone to ever be happy again. And even now years later there is a part of me that is still irked when it seems that people have moved on with their lives and are happy because I feel that have forgotten him. That’s just me having lost one person. 

These refugees from Europe therefore who’ve lost so many friends and family… Are experiencing something that I can’t and hope never to be able to imagine. There is so much war and death in so many places the loss is immeasurable. How can you be the only survivor of a family? How can you go on after seeing them die before you? How do you begin to move on?  Yet the world goes on. I can’t imagine the pain and anger they must feel regardless of how much time may pass.

People are selfish creatures this we know but we are also resilient. Is it a survival attempt to try not to focus on the bad… Is it that you try to make your way / find happiness / live however you can even it means ignoring the news sometimes because it’s all so depressing that focusing on it will just bring you down. 

I want world peace. I want a stop to world hunger. I want equal rights for all. I want no pollution. I want a better life for the world. These things however all seem like things we are unwilling to achieve ( more so than being unable to achieve them ).

A life without hope for better or hope for change or hope for anything… Is no life. So maybe we still try to laugh with friends and spend time outdoors or even play trivial games online in order to keep that happy feeling inside so that we are not mired by the unfairness of life. 

But there’s more than can be done for others and for ourselves. I hope that one day we can get past our unwillingness as people and instead use our will to be better. 



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