Friends… Or family. 

There must be some inherent irony that many of my friends are unmarried and also don’t have any children. Yes there are a few that may be married/ parents, but my general circle seems to be devoid of such attachments. 

They are all attractive (male and female alike), all have very good jobs and are independent and all intelligent. So… What’s the problem? 

Is it a lack of people within this island to ensure that someone here ends up with a partner? Are we all single friends because WE are all so weird that we’ve gravitated towards each other? Are we “too” picky? 

Or maybe we are just at the age where we are not interested in the games that people play when dating? Too busy with work? Ultimately too tired to put in the effort to search or even just be found? 

I think any single person nowadays has a great task ahead of them in the dating world. But not all of my friends are jaded or necessarily held back in certain ways (like myself)… Yet we’re all in the same real of confusion, disappointment and disillusion when potential partners arise. 

I’d like to think that one day we would all be able to come together as a number of families instead of errant beings in a haphazard group. 

Or maybe… We are the family. The support systems for each other, the listening ears, the fonts of knowledge and wisdom for each other – whatever role we need at that time from the ones closest to us. 

I don’t want us to feel unfulfilled or empty or alone because we have not found some significant other. I’d like that there could be true love for them all of course but that if it does not happen there can be acceptance, happiness and knowing that we can still be whole in a world that tells us we are only halves. 



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