Hide & seek 

Living with the addict is like playing a frustrating game of hide and seek daily. Hiding your car keys so he doesn’t take your car and disappear.. Hiding your wallet/purse so that he doesn’t steal your money and disappear. 

Mom forgot her purse on the kitchen table for three minutes today and that was three minutes too long. He stole 100$ and disappeared all day, returning drunk and high. 

The addict went Nar-Anon meeting up to yesterdayso  it’s not that he isn’t “in” recovery. But there are just some things that no matter how much time passes, you still have to do. 

In his case you can’t ever forget you’re living with an addict. Even though he may be on a relatively quiet path he’s always quick to detour once the opportunity presents itself. Forgetfulness + opportunity = disaster. 

It’s tiring because it’s a game you can’t even be sure to win. There’s no guarantee the addict will ever change until he decides he is truly ready to so there’s no guarantee that your efforts will ever really make a difference. So until otherwise… It’s going to be a longggggg game of hide and seek! 



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