A day in the Caribbean

Today was a scorcher 35 degrees Celsius so it didn’t leave much for people to do but go to the beach 🌴

The water was calm and peaceful, the sun was out and it was breezy. It was a really lovely day… And I rarely go out in the day once if it’s not to just go to work and come back home… so this is one of the few times I did since I’ve been home on vacation and I felt like I enjoyed the outing. 

I’ve never been a fan of pics of myself or taking pictures of people, nature pics have always been more appealing to me (as evidenced by my blog lol). 

I like the beauty… The life… The truth? In nature. The sturdy resilience of plants coupled with the dichotomy of the maelstrom or tranquility that is the sea… These tend to be my muses.

So here are some of the pics I took while I was there at the beach…



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