Unexpected beauty 

We only have two seasons here- the first half of the year is dry and second half is wet. So we are into the wet/ rainy half (soon hurricanes will start in full force).

Pretty much everyday for the past month we’ve had rain so it can make for dreary days. I live in a valley so rain is a sure bet daily. Since I’m on vacation the rain adds to my just staying inside/ in bed and not coming out. 

This weekend though we had really nice sunny weather (with slight drizzle). Right outside yesterday evening was a big colourful rainbow. It spanned one half of the sky on the left side of the valley. It was unexpected and stunning in its beauty. 

It is always surprising how nature and its beauty can brighten one’s mood and momentarily take the focus away from present worries/ anxieties and fill you with happiness. Sometimes we are too wrapped up in our own concerns to even notice these little miracles around us. 

It was certainly a nice bright point in the weekend. 



16 thoughts on “Unexpected beauty 

    1. Yea I’ve never seen snow or anything but when it’s dry here it’s dryyyyyy everything looks like it will never grow again but after a few days of rain it all comes back to life! 🌴

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