A better day 

I started out my summer vacation very depressed as usual. The first two weeks were very dark. The last two has not been AS bad as usual. However next week will be the five year anniversary since my boyfriend died so I can’t say how my frame of my will be then. 

I spend most of each day in my bed. I don’t venture out much at all. Today was sunny and I realized I had not gone outside in my yard and looked at any flowers maybe in close to a month ( well since I’ve been home). Everything was bright and in bloom. 

It definitely improved my mood and there was the added surprise that we apparently started growing tomatoes (who knew!). I know I could do more to get myself out of the slump I’m always in because I haven’t been going out or even exercising but it’s hard when you get comfortable just not moving from your space/ hole/ bed. 

I was also surprised just something as simple as watching beauty bloggers on YouTube the past few days helped. It’s nothing too serious, it has nothing to do with all the depressing news in the world and its gotten me to look forward to my Miami trip I’m supposed to take next year February. So it’s something to look forward to. 

Maybe I will get through this year after all. 

 P.s: these are the random tomatoes 



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