Summer time blue 

Summer vacation is supposed to be a fun relaxing time that people enjoy. But these two months of vacation loom before me every year since my boyfriend died. 

It starts off ok enough… I go cinema, have a few lunch dates but after about a week the inevitable depression sets in. Knowing that the anniversary of his passing is nearing always sinks me into a dark morose sleepless place. 

Every year even though I try to find ways to keep occupied I tend to lose a hold on sanity after a while. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the term so I’m anxious about being home. I’m hoping that as years go by it gets better… I know I have to keep busy somehow doing work at home, reading, trying to keep up exercising. 

I know it’s too much to expect that I’ll be fine but I hope that it’s bearable enough so that I don’t feel as low as I usually do. 


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