Selling out 

Since my boyfriend died his apartment has remained empty and his van unsold. We’ve just never been able to reach the point of renting / selling … Until now. 

His parents have put his van up for sale. It feels surreal seeing the ad posted on FB. His apartment will probably be up for rent by end of year. 

Even though it’s been close to five years since his death I just can’t imagine it… Someone else living in what was our space, carrying on a life where we should have had one. I know I can’t imagine passing his van on the road being driven by someone else… A stranger. 

I know I have gone far past what is supposed acceptable bereavement time. These physical reminders such as these should not bear such an impact now but they do. As impractical as it is I DONT want someone else driving his van or living in his place. It’s his. 

And I have nothing left of him. 



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