I need a drink. 

I think I need a break from people right now. When around so many people daily, the plethora of personalities and in turn obvious disagreements that arise can be too much. 

Is it really possible to agree to disagree? And not have it seen as some personal attack/ affront? People are emotional creatures yes but at some point there must be some measure/ tempering to reactions. 

I know I am quick to anger and equally as quick to give opinion. However my argument with someone today does not in turn carry on to the next day or weeks after I just move on, expecting that it’s understood that we will differ in opinion. This is in the case of everyday arguments of course. 

Lately though I’m realizing that I’m crossing paths with people who have fundamentally different ideas/ ways of handling situations. They also don’t want to even entertain differences of opinion or different ways of approach. 

Added to this, much of what they argue about in others they are guilty of themselves. The self righteousness of their natures are probably what irks me the most because they clearly see themselves without these same flaws they choose to come down harshly on in others. 

It is disappointing and disheartening to see how close minded / harsh / myopic the world has become. It seems for every glimmer of possibility and positivity there is a shard of dark negative energy ready to slash it to pieces. And I am tired. 

When will we learn from the faults within ourselves? 



One thought on “I need a drink. 

  1. Yea sometimes we just need a break to recharge ourselves from all the negativity of our workplace. I think it’s also important to keep ourselves sane and be aware we do not fall like them.

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