I was challenged by my Boss Lady to write ten things about myself that I think would make me worthy of being dated by someone. If not ten… Then a few… 

I’ve never liked doing these things. What if you assume something and others don’t agree… Or you over rate your quality… Or is it that you are trying to be seen as better then others… I’m never sure. 

I don’t know if these qualities necessarily even qualify as reasons you would be deemed “worthy” but… 

  1. Intelligent – avid reader of definitely a couple hundred books (probably closer to the 1000 mark in my lifetime so far)  / interested in wars (and war movies) / cult classic films (especially those with cars) / music / Warcraft : so I could hold decent conversation over a fair amount of areas 
  2. Funny – I could be funny if I’m comfortable enough with someone and I’m a pretty good storyteller so I could make even my going to buy lunch quite an epic tale of scandal adventure and sorcery 
  3. Animal lover – which I suppose lends itself to compassionate tendencies for dogs cats and just about anything that’s not a cockroach or mosquito ( I’m on the fence with spiders) 
  4. Loyal – I think in a relationship I’m very dependable and will stick with someone and try to support them in their endeavours and I have no problem being just with one person for ages if it’s working (my relationships all spanned 2-7 years with each person give or take) 
  5. Responsible – I’m the organizer, pay bills, don’t be late for work or appointments – type of person so I think I could keep a house in order if I had to 
  6. Generous – money is not a big deal to me yes I save a fair amount but I also have no problem with being charitable to organizations or splurging on friends and family at Xmas/ bdays so if I’m with someone I don’t make a big deal of whose turn it is to pick up the bill lets just eat! 
  7. …….. 

So I’m stuck at six for now. Maybe if I think about it some more I will edit it… I just wonder if any of these things even matter. You could be all of these and more but not necessarily be “seen” by others or maybe the people you are attracted to are looking for other qualities? 

In a world where there are “rules” to dating and expectations of how you should look / act, do people ever get to the stage where they want to/ get to know others for who they truly are? 



3 thoughts on “Challenge 

  1. You got past the halfway mark😊😊😊. All the things you have listed are true. They are not over statements of what you have to offer to the RIGHT PERSON, who will be willing to get to know the REAL you, not the mask you wear. I look forward to the completion of the challenge!!! 👍

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