Time to get lost in the world 

I’ve lived a life plagued by fear. I have friends who have travelled the world alone, left jobs numerous times to move on to others or even picked up all manner of hobbies just to try something new.

While I am terrified of being alone in a strange place, need the stability of a job and fear not coping with a new one and hyper aware of people observing me and how stupid I would look if I had to I try something new.

The idea that there is a “whole world out there” is THERE in mind but in terms of actually experiencing it, I don’t think I would achieve even one percent in my life time.

It is ironic that my favorite quote of all time is ABOUT facing one’s fear. Yet, three decades have gone by and I’m still paralyzed by it. Even though I do a lot of everyday things alone, if it’s something out of my routine of home and work then it’s unlikely to happen.

I wonder if I will ever be able to truly overcome some – all might be waaaay overzealous – but some of my fears. it is a great challenge. No one wants to know that life passed them by without trying the things they wanted to, regardless of how intimidating it might be.

I must face my fear and venture into the world.

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