Exam time

Furtive glances coupled with the nervous shaking of sneakers against the legs of tables signify the start of examination time. Question papers loom before them, threatening and combative. 

Unlike the lazy drone of the term gone by, this air is tense and electric. Pens furiously scribble against stark white pages, pouring out the knowledge that has been seared into their minds over the past year. Meanwhile, a dazzling array of pencils, rulers and calculators litter every desk with wild abandon. 

For every time check given, eyes widen in anxiety, long sighs are emitted and brows furrow in confusion. No prayers at this late stage can recompense for the procrastination of the weeks gone by. The apt pupil is contrasted sharply by the equally unprepared when all faced with the same questions. 

When papers are collected and stacked and they are free to leave, the room erupts into a bustle of movement, a haze of noise and cries of either woe or exhilaration. I leave them in their din only to repeat the same grueling test of will tomorrow. 



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