Today … 

I had a moment today when I realized… Nothing was wrong. I didn’t have any complaints about money, life at home with family… Or any of the other regular complaints that cloud our thoughts everyday. 

The fact that nothing was wrong SEEMED so wrong. Even acknowledging that nothing was wrong seemed wrong. It was like the realization would bring some cataclysm of unseen evil events my way to make up for this one “happy” moment. 

It’s hard to even fathom just how fear- filled every day of life really is. That at every moment one could be so totally consumed with worry seems impossible yet so true to everyday life. Anxiety fear stress tension anger are all that I know to describe life… Until now. 

Nothing in life has changed to account for “betterment”, rather I’ve changed…writing, reading, relaxing my approach.  And this change has allowed a vastly different emotion to enter my life and had successfully left me perplexed in its simplicity – peace 



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