Go slow… 

I have never been able to just take things slowly in anything that I’ve done… Relationships, work… Just life in general. I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not in a race to win.. but it doesn’t always register. 

I met someone once who had sailed the world with his brothers. He was the calmest most non-aggressive person I’d ever met and I envied his ability to just… Be cool all the time. Nothing fazed him. 

I don’t know if it was his personality coupled with life’s experiences that caused him to be so accepting of things out of his control, but I wanted / want that someday. He showed me a whole different “way” to be. 

Given some present situations, I’ve had to try to remind myself that I need to take things slow. It’s definitely a trying process because it means accepting that I do not have control over things and I have to just accept things as they come. 

I think there’s a certain amount of fear that comes with knowing you need to give up control. I hope to overcome that fear eventually and just let life take its course and not have myself be so rigid, anxious and craving control all the time. 


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