Long grueling hours are spent in the constant repetition of rehearsal. Molding, carving, chiseling at your core to create a persona other than yourself or any that you have played before. You strive to find the character rooted in words and give life to someone that is a playwright’s idea. 

It is the constant struggle with every role… Trying to find the soul of your character. Twisting and contorting lines to make them flow naturally from you as if they are your own. The need to find some action or gesture characteristic to who you are supposed to be. 

You strip yourself naked and then begin the process of layering. The history, the motivations, the style of dress of the character all transform you into someone whose story needs to be told/ sung/ motioned. 

On opening night the nervous energy backstage makes the very air come alive, frenetic. Adrenalin courses through you as you can hear the murmur of an excited, anxious audience just before the swell of the opening music. 

As you step onto the stage and before the eyes of hundreds of people you know that you have left your self behind. You are now – The Other…



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