Give thanks. 

I came to work this morning and found a card on my desk thanking me from a colleague for some help I had given. I usually help her out annually for a career day and even though she always says thank you I’m always a bit surprised. 

We live in a world where a simple thanks / thank you is often so rare it is shocking when it occurs. Why have we become such a thankless people? Is there just a lack of consideration? Or is it that we expect people to help as a given? Or Do we just lack the ability to show appreciation? 

Saying thank you is important because it acknowledges the person’s acts and affirms that you recognize their sacrifice/ assistance/ time put out. Also.. It’s just nice to know that you are appreciated. 

The world needs a few more thank yous/ your welcomes/ and have a good days. In a time fraught with unrest, anger and violence every little thing we can do to make someone’s day a bit brighter and show appreciation is needed. 



2 thoughts on “Give thanks. 

  1. The late Professor Kenny in one of his last articles wrote about civility and the connection with civilization. When we stop the civilities which some consider old fashioned, we are on a downward slide.

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