Puzzle pieces

With so many people in the world… How is it possible that some of us remain alone forever?  I look around and see people who have met some other/ equal/ companion/ partner… they just fit. 

I don’t think I’ve ever truly fit with someone be it friendship or relationship related. I’ve never truly given of myself or trusted someone so entirely that I believe IN them. 

I always feel as if I am an extra piece in a puzzle. I don’t fit anywhere or with anyone. I used to feel that I had to search to fit into a spot… Some space with my name on it that I should take up and belong to. 

But I’ve stopped searching. Or I’m probably trying to convince myself that I have… A part of me will probably always want to be a part of someone/ something… To fit. 

However right now, I’m still that remaining, floating piece… On its own. 


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